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Reducing Pain, Improving Wellbeing

Active Rehab

Active rehab is a therapy designed to improve an individuals pain tolerance, muscular dysfunction or poor biomechanics. After suffering a motor vehicle accident, specific long term exercise routines are needed to help rehabilitate the injury. A kinesiologist can help create a program tailored specifically to you and your injury.

Over time, our body adapts to bad habits. This can be through bad posture, long periods of sitting, bad mechanics while performing everyday tasks etc.  Active rehab is designed to identify dysfunctions in the body and retrain the muscles to work in unison to improve pain tolerance and allow the body to work as a unit to prevent further injuries from occurring.

A questionnaire will be filled out to determine history of injury as well as what activities aggravate pain. Next, a comprehensive postural and muscle testing analysis will be done to better understand muscular imbalances in order to create a program that is specific to you.


If you are interested in working with our Kinesiologist, feel free to contact us today!

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