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Feeling down? Try this quick and easy technique!

Lets be honest here life can throw us some serious curve balls at times. You ever have one of those days where nothing was going right? Yeah exactly that day when you woke up late for work, caught all the red lights, spilled coffee on your shirt, got told by your boss, got into an argument with your co-worker, lost your car keys. And when you finally got home you told yourself hopefully this day NEVER happens again!

But what can you do when everything seems to be going wrong. What MOST people do soak themselves in the bad day. They feel sorry for themselves "oh why me?" "This isn't happening to anyone else." And instead of bringing themselves out of the mindstate they are in, they decide to stay there. But what if we could instantly improve our mood? No money, no equipment and no pills! No no i'm not talking weed either!

The most simple recipe to do this is.... SMILE! Yes that's right just smile. I don't care what you are doing right now, just smile. Automatically you activate musculature within your jaw, cheekbone and lips that send a feedback single to then brain releasing dopamine. The increase in dopamine instantly improves psychological well being. Even if you have to temporarily force the smile, the benefits are remarkable. Now to make this more effective, look at yourself smiling in the mirror or smile at another person around you and not in a creepy way, but a nice genuine smile. Visually seeing another person smile back sends a signal to the brain which is inviting. It encourages a sense of calm and allows you to relax.

Smiling is something most people forget to do. Just look at people on the bus, it does not look inviting at all to talk to anyone. If you looked at someone and they had an angry face would you approach them? Probably not. But seeing a genuine smile invites you in, this person has some happiness they want to share it with you.

Next time you are in a rut, smile and see the wonders it works!

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