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Remember that New Years Resolution?

At the beginning of the year, many individuals set out on making their New Years resolutions. Some might want to kick old habits, others may have work aspirations. The most common resolution most people have revolves around weight loss and exercise.

Fast-forward 4 months, and were living in a pretty different time right now. Access to gyms have been temporarily postponed. Eating habits might not be everyones main concern. And the thought of weight loss might not be on everyones agenda while we navigate through these uncertain times. You might have been exercising hard to get ready for a reunion, vacation or big event, and because the current circumstances may not allow these events to move forward, you don't seem to have the motivation to continue down your fitness journey.

But with everything that is going on, this may actually be the perfect opportunity to take control of your health! With the extra time available to you, why not use it to come out of this pandemic a better, stronger and more resilient version of yourself. Yes it's true that all the major facilities are currently closed. And yes even parks and facilities where you might have once used as an exercise getaway might be temporarily shut down. But there are still many resources out there for us to take full advantage of!

1) The online trainer

Many trainers have moved to an online model where they are able to offer coaching and keep you on track. Whether it's a meal plan, weekly check-ins or getting an entire fitness plan, working with an online trainer takes out the guess work and forces you to stay on track with someone continuously checking in with you.

2) Online exercise classes through your gym:

Many fitness studios have been offering online zoom classes to allow patrons to get their sweat on at different times of the day. If you can't make a class, there are many on demand videos these businesses are providing. Have you considered trying a new class but never got around to it? With all the extra time, why not give it a shot from the comfort of your home?

3) Online Exercise Videos

This is probably the most sought after exercise resource right now. Whether it's through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or any other video platform, there are countless exercise videos out there to meet everyones needs. If you have bands, weights, or just want a quick body weight routine, go to one of these sites and you'll be surprised at the content you will be able to find.

4) Just get outside and walk!

With social distancing being strictly enforced, we may get wrapped up in only staying indoors. Of course, if you're at higher risk of developing any chronic disease, then staying at home is the best place for you to be. But if your're able to, just going for a stroll around the block while maintaining social distance will not only clear the mind, it will open up your body and allow you to move while soaking in some sun and breathing in the fresh air. We are all going through stressful challenging times right now. So the next time your'er out, why not smile at someone, that kind gesture might be what that person needed to ease their stress and improve their overall day.

So no matter what your fitness goals may have been at the beginning of the year, don't let this pandemic derail your ambitions. With the right outlook, you are more than capable of achieving any of your fitness goals. Put in some work now, and you will be thanking yourself down the road.

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