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Feeling like you've hit a plateau in life? Give this a try!

You wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, get dressed, have your morning coffee and breakfast then head out the door for work. You work your 9-5, come home, make dinner, watch your favorite TV show, head to bed and repeat the same process the next 4 days. The weekend comes, you may go to the gym, catch up with friends and before you know it it's Monday and your back to the grind.

Yes your day may be a little different. Maybe you sneak a gym session in here, have a dance class there, spend time on a hobby which is great, but what are we missing? The biggest issue us as human begins have is routine.

Now don't get me wrong, I think routine is great. It provides structure for our lives, a framework so to speak. We want to be in control of our future, now exactly what to expect because we know exactly how to deal with it. Some routines are great like morning practices to get the day started, daily meditation for stress management, going to the gym to stay in great physical shape etc. But I find as a society we get caught in a specific bubble. We interact with the same people because we know what to expect. We shop in the same store because we know what to expect. We eat the same food because we know what to expect. But what is wrong with this? Don't you think it's a little Vanilla?

Dare I say break out of this routine and try something new? Nick that's crazy talk! Hear me out for one second. If you have reached a point in your life where progress is not occurring, where you are no longer moving forward due to boredom and a lack of interest, something needs to change. The best way to move forward in life is to try something new. Whether it be a new method, new idea or new strategy. Spark this change by trying something new!

Kids are the perfect example of this! They learn through trial and error. When we were kids, we were trying new things every day! This was a learning experience for us. What works, what doesnt work etc.

We get so caught up in our little bubble of life. "I need to do this, and have this happen at this time." But guess what, life will throw you curve balls! And if your use to your routine, that ball will hit you in the face and knock you down! So you can chose to stay down because it's out of your routine, or you can roll with it.

Now it doesn't have to be a big change from your routine. It can be the smallest thing like shopping at a different grocery store. It can be starting a conversation with the bank cashier. It could even be something different like trying to bake, training for a local run, joining a club or signing up for a mixed martial arts class.

The point is this, each of these scenarios involve one big thing, and that's breaking out of your routine and comfort zone. It forces you to be in a situation in which is new to you. Hence you must adapt to this new situation which causes neural plasticity changes in your brain. Your brain is saying "I'm in a new environment, I need to adapt." This initially releases a stress response in a good way called "eustress" but then leads to a feeling of achievement once the task is completed. and you respond "that wasn't actually that bad."

Over time these small achievements will add up. So my challenge to you is this: try one new thing every single day. Whether it be talking to a new person, eating a new food, sitting somewhere different for lunch. Maybe it can be something more adventurous like travelling somewhere new or going after that business idea you always had. This will break the mundane routine that you have grown so accustomed to and will add some flavor back into your life!

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